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Pionier-/Neulandmission Großstadt
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Urdu-Speaking Muslims make up one of the largest unreached people group clusters that exists. They are found in high concentrations in Delhi and across the state of Uttar Pradesh (as state so populous that if it were its own country, it would be the 7th largest in the world). SIM India has focused its vision on Urdu-speaking Muslims of Delhi and Western UP. We will do all we can to see a church planting movement spread among Urdu Muslims all across this region.



Because there are not yet any known churches among our people group, all tasks involved in the church planting process must occur eventually:

1. Workers must live among Muslims to learn their culture and language and to establish friendships.

2. Workers must share the Gospel message with Muslims in as many ways possible.

3. As Muslims come to Christ, Muslim - background believers must be discipled; Therefore workers must teach them how to apply Biblical truth to their particular context.

4. Muslim - Background Believers ("MBB's") must begin to meet together for worship and fellowship (most likely in small home meetings, in light of possible persecution).

5. As such churches grow, workers must help them develop forms and structures relevant to their culture, as well as to reach out to the community around them.


We recognize that the above tasks could be done by expatriate church planters or by Indians with whom we partner. (In other words, there is a need for foreigners to take part in both "frontline" and "behind-the-scenes" roles in order to see churches planted in India). Furthermore, as a part of our church planting strategy, we will seek ways to meet felt needs of Muslims (possibly through English or computer classes, community development projects, or tea houses for Muslim women, etc.)



Currently SIM has 3 couples on site (made up from people from USA, Japan, and Hong Kong). A Bolivian couple is expected by the end of 2000. This "fellowship team" meets regularly to support and encourage one another, pray for Muslims, discuss ministry ideas and methods and to do prayer walks in Muslim neighborhoods. Most people are focusing on language study while making friend with Muslims, though 1 family is near the end of formal study. We are seeking the Lord as to which methods and strategies we should use at this place and time, with the understanding that He may lead each of us into unique strategies from one another OR, alternatively, He may lead us to work quite closely together on one single strategy. Any newcomer to the team would become part of this guidance process.



In light of the fact that we are at the beginning stages in the church planting process, we need a wide variety of people with many different skills. Experience in community development, AIDS work, and computer software could be especially helpful in helping the team design strategies to meet Muslims' felt needs. Students interested in language or culture could integrate easily into the team. Experienced church planters would always be welcome (since all of us are new to the process).



- SIM Requirements

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